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“What’s Happening Now” – Jets Season Opener – Sept. 16, 2018

Date: 9/16/18

Individual Name: Frank, Troy, Mossa, Kenroy  and Clarence.

Program: Community Habilitation

Individual’s Achievements: Troy, Mossa, Clarence, Stamoulis have all been promoted to the next grade level in their academic lives. Kenroy has attended his first Sporting event ever and is an advent Jets fan. Frank Santiago is exploring more community options and possible employment

Recreation/Community Experiences:

These individuals were given the opportunity, to attend the season opener at home for the NY Jets.

Some quotes by our individuals while on our way and at the event were:

  • “Is this party bus our ride” -C.S.

  • “Can I borrow this for prom” -M.W.

  • ”I can Eat whatever I want? “ -F.S.

  • ”This is so dope we can touch the players” – TC

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