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Children Waiver Services

“The best way to find yourself is to be yourself in the services of others” 
– Mahatma Gandhi

Children Waiver Services Division

Upon the establishment of the Children and Family Treatment and Support Services Transformation and modifications to HCBS, we were given clearance to render specific services that would address the needs of those eligible within the following service areas.

Service Provisions Approved for REAL Inc.


  • Caregiver Family Support and Services

  • Prevocational Services

  • Planned Respite

  • Supportive Employment

  • Community Habilitation

  • Community Self Advocacy Training and Support

Description of Services:

​Caregiver Family Support and Services

  • Caregivers and families can get training and education to make informed and empowered choices for children with developmental, medical, mental health, and/or substance use needs

  • Maintain and strengthen children and youth’s independence in the community

  • Find available resources and services that meet child/youth and family needs

Respite Services (Planned Respite)

  • May be delivered at home, in the community, or in another allowable location

  • Planned respite services provide short term relief for families/caregivers and support the child’s mental health, substance use and/or health care goals

  • Crisis respite is short term relief from a mental health, substance use and/or health care crisis event that without this support

Supported Employment

  • Youth aged 14 and older who are ready for a job can get help to stay in a steady job that pays wages

  • Get ongoing support while getting a job and while working Services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Help with finding a job that matches your skills and interests; job coaching; benefits support; help with advancing your career; and other workplace support

Community Self Advocacy Training Support

  • Children, youth, and their families can get help to understand developmental, medical, mental health, and/or substance use needs

  • Get help with, or prevent, any difficulties when taking part in community activities

  • Children and youth, or caregivers and other advocates, can get their own self-advocacy training services

Prevocational Services

  • Youth aged 14 and older can learn skills to help get ready for paid work, or volunteer work that matches their interests

  • Skills can include: communicating with supervisors, coworkers, and customers; workplace problem solving; career planning; and workplace safety

Community Habilitation

  • Get help with learning social and daily living skills and health related tasks

  • For example: Learn to cook and eat healthy; take part in community activities; communicate effectively; be independent, and make informed choices

Goals of Child Waiver Services (HCBS)

HCBS are designed to offer support and services to children in non-institutionalized settings that enable them to remain at home and in the community. HCBS provides a family-driven, youth guided, culturally and linguistically appropriate system of care that accounts for the strengths, preferences, and needs of the individual, as well as the desired outcome. Services are individualized to meet the health, developmental, and behavioral health needs of each child or youth. Participants have independent choice among an array of service options and providers. These services are provided in a flexible, complimentary package that evolves over time to meet the changing needs of the child or youth. HCBS are intended to be provided to a child and family in their home and/or the community. The array of services is intended to assist children in being successful at home, in school, and in their other natural environments to help maintain them in their community and avoid higher levels of care and out-of-home placements. It is the mission of NYS and its child and family serving agencies to improve health and behavioral health care access and outcomes for individuals served while demonstrating sound stewardship of financial resources.

Servicing Areas Included:

  • Elmont & Valley Stream (Long Island)

  • Brooklyn (NY)

  • Queens (NY

  • Bronxs (NY)

Who to Contact?

Director of Services

Doris Valdes
(718) 848-2507

"All it takes is a REAL approach!"

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