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“The best way to find yourself is to be yourself in the services of others” 
– Mahatma Gandhi

Day Habilitation Without Walls

Day Habilitation Without Walls

This service assists Individuals to acquire, retain or improve their self-help, socialization and adaptive skills while utilizing the community and its resources. This includes enhancing communication, travel and other areas of independent living skills. Services are provided in the community.


Day Habilitation Without Walls Vs. Regular Day Habilitation Programs

Day Habilitation without Walls provides services in the community and is not based in a facility or “within walls”. The Individuals will generally meet in the community or are transported to places in the community and leave from a location in the community. A regular Day Habilitation program often provides services that are site based or in a facility and have times when a group will utilize the community.

Program Requirements:

The Individual must be “Waiver Eligible” and have Medicaid. The individual must have a diagnosis of intellectual and /or developmental disability. We service individuals from the ages of 21 years old and up. There are a number of documents that we are required to review as part of the referral process, to include medical, psychological and psychosocial evaluations. All documents must be current and accurate. Please contact the Director of Community Services, for additional information regarding documentation needed to make a referral for service.


We provide transportation for Individuals who are not travel trained. If an Individual is able to travel independently and needs assistance with traveling, we can provide assistance. Please contact the Program Coordinator or Supervisor for specific information and circumstances regarding.

Day Activities

The places that the Individuals go to are based on their similar interests. Places include but are not limited to: volunteer sites, local libraries, restaurants, museums, sporting events, farms and orchards, parks, bowling alleys, malls, etc.

Interested In This Service? Download our Intake Form!

For information regarding Community Habilitation Services, please contact the Director of Community Services at: Telephone: 917-688-1838

  1. Download the form, print, then fill out and Fax to: 917-737-8464

  2. Or Download the form, save it to your computer or device, then fill out the form directly, then save it and email to:

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