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Alex had a magnificent time at the National Geographic Encounter, Ocean Odyssey

Individual’s Achievements:

Alex had a magnificent time at the National Geographic Encounter, Ocean Odyssey. Alex was fascinated by the underwater experience, as he learned about the physical and biological aspects of the ocean. Alex was able to get a full understanding about how 70 % of the planet is surrounded by water. In addition, as Alex was learning about the ocean, he was also able to utilize his socialization & interpersonal skills by interacting and engaging with people around him.

Recreation/Community Experiences:

Alex loves doing different recreational activities with staff. By far, Ocean Odyssey has been one of his favorite places to visit. While there, he was able express himself to the staff about how excited and thankful he was to be at the Ocean Odyssey. Alex also indicated that this was one of his best experience and if given the opportunity again, he would love to explore this adventure again. Thank you, R.E.A.L

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